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May 2, 2014

WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Payments Gateway & Stop Spammer Registration Plugin Conflict

I recently ran into an issue on one of my client’s sites. Their WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Payments Gateway for WooCommerce (IgniteWoo) all of a sudden wasn’t working correctly. It would process the payment, but the site didn’t record that a payment was completed. They received payment confirmation from PayPal, but not the completed order e-mail generated by WooCommerce. […]

Feb 12, 2014

Remove Custom Post Type Slug from Permalink

There are times that you want to stray from the regular permalink structure that WordPress applies to your custom post types.  For a recent project I was needing to remove the CPT slug from the permalink, so a page url like  “/events/some-event-slug/” would have the permalink of “/some-event-slug/.”  At first glance this doesn’t seem to […]

Jan 31, 2014

Quick Tip: Opening New Illustrator Files in an Older Version

Today I received a logo from a client that was built using the latest version of Illustrator. I am still using CS5 and it didn’t want to open the file. Sometimes you don’t have time to track down someone with a new version of Illustrator or to request the file to be saved in another […]

Dec 19, 2013

Quick Tip: Extracting Images from Word/Pages document

I often have clients send me images within Word or Pages documents. This creates an extra step in having to extract all the images. You have to open the document and then save each individual image, or so I thought. Turns out, maybe I’m behind the times, that you can just rename the document with […]